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Role key:
  CoChr=Co-Chair/Co-Principal Advisor
  Mem=Committee member, Stanford thesis
  Ext=External committee member or reader, non-Stanford thesis 




Student Theses
Year      Name Role Degree   Department   University   Title of PhD dissertation, MA thesis, or BA honors essay   Link to Website

2018 King, Sharese CoChr PhD Linguistics Stanford Exploring Social and Linguistic Diversity Across African Americans from Rochester, New York
2017 Flores-Bayer, Isla CoChr PhD Linguistics Stanford Sociolinguistic Variation in Practice: An Ethnographic Study of the Social Significance and Strategic Use of Chicano Language in ‘El Barrio’
2017 Moon, Kyuwon Mem PhD Linguistics Stanford Femininity Expressed in Intonation
Phrase Final Position: Phonetic Variation of Young Seoul Women
2017 Van Hofwegen, Janneke Reader PhD Linguistics Stanford Everyday Styles: Investigating the Full Scope of Variation in the Life of an Individual Speaker  
2016 Kortenhoven, Andrea CoChr PhD Linguistics Stanford “What are you Doing Here?” Stylistic Variation in the Construction of a Preaching Woman Persona.
Gafter, Roey
CoChr PhD Linguistics Stanford "The Most Beautiful and Correct Hebrew": Authenticity, Ethnic Identity and Linguistic Variation in the Greater Tel Aviv Area
Geenberg, Katherine Rose CoChr PhD Linguistics Stanford The Other California: Marginalization and Variation in Trinity County
2012 Schnoebelen, Tyler Mem PhD Linguistics Stanford Emotions are Relational: Positioning and the Use of Affective Linguistic Resources
2012 Starr, Rebecca Lurie Mem PhD Linguistics Stanford Acquisition of Sociolinguistic Knowledge in a Mandarin-English Dual Immersion School
Bleaman, Isaac CoChr  BA (Hons) Comparative Literature Stanford  Vernacularity and Authenticity in Sholem Aleichem's Monologues: A Variationist Approach  
2012 Hironaka, Stephanie Chr BA (Hons) Linguistics Stanford Voices of East Palo Alto Youth: Oral Narrative and Linguistic Competence Inside and Outside the Classroom Context
2011 Alvarez, Laura Mem PhD Education Stanford Considering Academic Language in Practice: An Examination of Latino English Learners' Academic Language Competencies in Spanish  
2010 Greene, Rebecca Chr PhD Linguistics Stanford Language, Ideology, and Identity in Rural Eastern Kentucky
2009 Hall-Lew, Lauren CoChr PhD Linguistics Stanford Ethnicity and Phonetic Variation in a San Francisco Neighborhood
2009 Staum Casasanto, Laura Mem PhD Linguistics Stanford Experimental Investigations of Sociolinguistic Knowledge
2008 Paris, Django Mem PhD Education Stanford "Our Culture": Difference, Division, and Unity in Multiethnic Youth Space
2008 Price, Mackenzie Chr BA (Hons) Linguistics Stanford Tinky and Foxy Revisited: A study of Changes in AAVE over Time  
2007 Kenter, Douglas W. Mem BA (Hons) Linguistics Stanford Syntactic Strictures: Errors of Grammar, Style and Usage on the PSAT  
2006 Podesva, Robert Mem PhD Linguistics Stanford Phonetic Detail in Sociolinguistic Variation: Its Linguistic Significance and Role in the Construction of Social Meaning
2006 Rose, Mary Mem PhD Linguistics Stanford Language, Place, and Identity in Later Life
2005 Campbell-Kibler, Kathryn Mem PhD Linguistics Stanford Listener Perceptions of Sociolinguistic Variables: The Case of (Ing)
2005 Irvine, Grace Alison Ext PhD Linguistics U. of the West Indies, Mona, J'ca Defining Good English in Jamaica: Language Variation and Language Ideology in an Agency of the Jamaican State  
2005 Kakihara, Satoko Mem Master's Linguistics Stanford Attitudes, Motivations, and Experiences of Japanese Women Learning English in the United States  
2005 Roberts, Sarah J. Chr PhD Linguistics Stanford The Emergence of Hawai’i Creole English in the Early 20th Century: The Sociohistorical Context of Creole Genesis  
2005 Vaughn, Rubiahna Leye Chr BA (Hons) Latin Ameri-can Studies Stanford "Yo Tengo Que Luchar": Narratives of Women in the Afro-Ecuadorian Civil Rights Movement  
2004 Alim, H. Samy Mem PhD Education Stanford You Know My Steez: An Ethnographic and Sociolinguistic Study of Styleshifting in a Black American Speech Community
2004 Benor, Sarah Bunin Mem PhD Linguistics Stanford Second Style Acquisition: The Linguistic Socialization of Newly Orthodox Jews
2004 Rahman, Jacquelyn Chr PhD Linguistics Stanford It's a Serious Business: The Linguistic Construction of Middle-Class White Characters by African American Narrative Comedians
2003 Sharma, Devyani Chr PhD Linguistics Stanford Structural and Social Constraints on Non-Native Varieties of English
2003 Wong, Andrew Mem PhD Linguistics Stanford Tongzhi, Ideologies, and Semantic Change
2002 Ashford, Shannon Chr BA (Hons) African & Afr. Am. Studies Stanford Hip Hop in the US and Ghana  
2002 Jackson, Shona Mem PhD Modern Thought and Literature Stanford Beyond the Fault Lines of (Post) Modernity, (Post) Coloniality, and Nationalism: The Diasporic Caribbean Imaginary in Modern Critical Thought  
2001 Roth-Gordon [Rothblatt], Jennifer Mem PhD Anthropology Stanford Slang and the Struggle Over Meaning: Race, Language, and Power in Brazil
2001 Zhang, Qing Mem PhD Linguistics Stanford Changing Economy, Changing Markets: A Sociolinguistic Study of Chinese Yuppies
2000 Bender, Emily M. Mem PhD Linguistics Stanford Syntactic Variation and Linguistic Competence: The Case of AAVE Copula Absence
2000 Fenigson, Janina Ext PhD Anthropology Brandeis U. Regimes of Inequality: Linguistic Ideologies and Practices in Barbados
2000 Jaggears, Katrina Alison Diggs Mem Master's Liberal Arts Stanford The Ann Arbor Black English Case and the Oakland Ebonics Controversy: What Have We Learned?
2000 Pearson, Elsa Cruz Chr BA (Hons) Urban Studies Stanford Land Rich, Cash Poor: Preserving the Legacy of the Sea Islands through the Retention of Traditional Settlement Patterns  
1999 Solomon, Julie Chr PhD Linguistics Stanford Phonological and Syntactic Variation in the Spanish of Valladolid, Yucatán  
1998 Anderson, Jabari Ali Chr BA (Hons) Linguistics Stanford El Espanol de los Negros del Norte de Esmeraldas, Ecuador/The Spanish of the Blacks of Northern Esmeraldas, Ecuador  
1998 Davidson, Bradley Cahn Mem PhD Linguistics Stanford Interpreting Medical Discourse: A Study of Cross-Linguistic Communication in the Hospital Clinic  
1998 Kuwahara, Yuri Lea CoChr PhD Education Stanford Interactions of Identity: Inner-City Immigrant and Refugee Youths, Language Use and Schooling  
1997 Blake, Renee A. Chr PhD Linguistics Stanford All o' We is One? Race, Class, and Language in a Barbados Community
1997 Bucholtz, Mary Ext PhD Linguistics Berkeley Borrowed Blackness: African American Vernacular English and European American Youth Identities
1997 Davis, Martha Swearingen Mem PhD Linguistics Stanford A Syntactic, Semantic and Diachronic Analysis of Palenquero Ba  
1997 Mendoza-Denton, Norma Mem PhD Linguistics Stanford Chicana/Mexicana Identity and Linguistic Variation: An Ethnographic and Sociolinguistic Study of Gang Affiliation in an Urban High School.
1996 Gaudio, Rudolf Pell Mem PhD Linguistics Stanford Men Who Talk Like Women: Language, Gender and Sexuality in Hausa Muslim Society  
1996 Handley, Shanti* Chr BA (Hons) Linguistics Stanford Pero Me Encanta El Ingles: Attitudes of Peruvian Secondary School Students Learning English  
1993 McElhinny, Bonnie* Chr PhD Linguistics Stanford We All Wear the Blue: Language, Gender and Police Work
1993 McWhorter, John* Chr PhD Linguistics Stanford Towards a New Model of Genesis : Competing Processes in the Birth of Saramaccan Creole
1992 Luster, Laura Mem PhD Education Stanford Schooling, Surviaal and Struggle: Black Women and the G.E.D.  
1992 Patrick, Peter Ext PhD Linguistics U. of Pennsyl-vania Linguistic Variation in Urban Jamaican Creole : A Sociolinguistic Study of Kingston, Jamaica
1991 Ball, Arnetha CoChr PhD Education Stanford Organizational Patterns in the Oral and Written Expository Language of African American Adolescents
1991 Bartolome, Lilia I. Mem PhD Education Stanford The Recontextualized Language Patterns of Fluent English and Spanish Bilingual Students in Academic Discourse Situations
1991 Bayley, Robert J. Mem PhD Education Stanford Variation Theory and Second Language Learning: Linguistic and Social Constraints on Interlanguage Tense Marking
1991 Cheung, Sik Lee Mem PhD Education Stanford The Acquisition of Locative Constructions by Cantonese Children  
1989 Wylie, Dovie Ruth Chr PhD Linguistics Stanford The Structure of Monologue Discourse in English
1988 Fought [Richardson] Carmen Chr MA Linguistics Stanford Habitual Structures among Blacks and Whites in East Palo Alto
1988 Krainer, Elizabeth Chr PhD Linguistics Stanford Challenges in a Psychotherapy Group: Reflections of Direct and Indirect Discourse Strategies  
1988 Rafal [Theberge] Christine Chr BA Linguistics Stanford Some Sixth-Grade Readers, Writers, & Rappers  
1988 Simmons-Mcdonald, Hazel Mem PhD Education Stanford The Acquisition of English Negatives by Speakers of French Creole
1987 Jean-Charles, Hervé Louis Chr PhD Education Stanford Attitudes of Teachers and Parents Toward French and Creole in Haiti  
1986 Alvarez, Lucinda Pease Mem PhD Education Stanford Home and School Contexts for Language Learning: A Case Study of Two Mexican-American Bilingual Preschoolers
1986 Schecter, Sandra Mem PhD Education Stanford Language as Medium, Language as Object : An Ethnographic Study of Two Primary-Level Anglais Langue Seconde Classrooms
1984 Al-shuwaikhat, Ahmed Mem PhD Education Stanford Language Attitudes of Saudi Arabian Graduate Students in the U.S.: An Intro-duction to the Study of Differentials of Language Attitudes of Intellectual Elites  
1984 Morrow, Todd Chr BA (Hons) Linguistics Stanford Bajan English  
1984 Singler, John Ext PhD Linguistics UCLA Variation in tense-aspect modality in Liberian English
1982 Warner-Lewis, Maureen Ext PhD Linguistics U. of the West Indies, Mona, J'ca The Yorùbá language in Trinidad  
1981 Shepherd, Susan C.   PhD Linguistics Stanford Modals in Antiguan Creole, Child Language Acquisition, and History